Sunday, March 25, 2012



Assalamualaikum guys! How are you guys doing?fine?good?better?not so good?depressed? Well,lets just say Alhamdulillah to Allah SWT because we are still breathing and can perform prayers to our Almighty Allah SWT. Just to let you know, me (Nabilah) are updating this blog from my home. Yes, this week is our Mid Term Break and we are currently enjoying (not really) our holidays! For the Mathematical Sciences students we still have 2 papers to go after this break, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, so we can't really have fun. BIG SAD :(

Okayh, now lets get back to the main topic. "SMILES".

Last week, we got an email from Madam Linda to do our last tutorial or the last assignment regarding SMILES. Have you guys heard about SMILES before? Well if you don't, the "simplified molecular input line entry system" or "SMILES" is a specification in form of a line notation for describing the structure of chemical molecules using short ASCII strings. If you guys are curious about SMILES and want to find out more, you guys can click HERE.

Before we heading back to our hometown, me and Fatimah finished up the tutorial for almost 1 and a half hours and the results are not the same with the slides (tutorial) given. We don't know what is wrong, maybe during the lecture we did not pay any attention, yupp blame us =.=. So,here are the pictures regarding SMILES, we used ChemSketch and basically it's almost the same. For in case you missed our previous entry about ChemSketch you guys can click THIS!

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

Slide 3

We have done our best to finished up this tutorials and these are the results. Sadly, this is our last entry for the Subject KOS1110 and this blog is the assignment for this subject. We hope we can get an A from Madam Linda! hehe.. Lastly, we would like to thanks for those who read this blog and apologize if we wrote something that is bad or wrong (forgive us) and may Allah bless your very soul. Till then, Assalamualaikum :)  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PDB and RasMol


Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 MALAYSIA! O.0 hehe

Let us be grateful to Allah SWT as we still meet up in this new entry! We are so excited to share our knowledge with you "AWESOME" guys. As for today, our lecturer Madam Linda thought us about The History Of Internet and PDB (Protein Data Bank) and also Rasmol.

Do you know what is Internet? If u don't, let us give some simple briefing about Internet.

Internet is a network of networks, joining many government, university and private computers together and providing an infrastructure for the use of E-mail, bulletin boards, file archives, hypertext documents, databases and other computational resources. If you are NERD and GEEK enough, you can Google it for more information.
As we are the Internet user, we should know a little bit much of the history of Internet right?

So,let's move on to Protein Data Bank or PDB for short.
As both of us are majoring in Mathematical Science, both of us are quite "blurr" when Madam Linda explained this topic to us. This is BIOLOGY!

PDB is an important resource for research in the academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors.
- Will this molecule turns into a cancer cell?
- Can this combination of molecules cure common cold?
- How does radiation affect the RNA and DNA?

As PDB was founded in 1971 by Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York
- First set of data were entered on punched
cards. Then with magnetic tapes
- Transferred to the Research Collaborators for
Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB) in 1998
- Currently it holds 50,000 released structures

Okay, now let's focus on RasMol!

RasMol is a molecular graphics program intended for the visualisation of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. The program is aimed at display, teaching and generation of publication quality images. The original program was been developed at the University of Edinburgh's Biocomputing Research Unit and the Biomolecular Structures Group at Glaxo Research and Development, Greenford, UK.
For more info about RasMol you guys can click  HERE

Besides using Internet as a place for chatting, watch videos, you guys can learn a lot of useful knowledge by using this Internet. Guys, please use Internet wisely and don't overspend you time doing UNNECESSARY THINGS! We as Muslim should give advice to others right?So, if you want to comment and give some ideas or anything please comment us! We don't eat people,we eat rice!
Till meet up in the next entry. Lots of love from Fatimah and Nabilah!

Ouh, before you ended up reading this entry, these are the diagrams that we edited using this software RasMol ENJOY! :)

KESIN (3U84)




Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Hello and Assalamualaikum guys. How are you doing today? Fine? well, let us say Alhamdulillah together and praise to Allah SWT as we all still alive and healthy. Have you performed your Solah?if not,better hurry up!

Last week,during our class with Madam Linda, both of us and our classmates learned how to use ChemSketch. It was interesting and fun learning it throughout the day! You guys should learn it too.
Here is some pictures of what we did during our class. Hope you guys enjoy it!

First of all,we read and study the manual to discover how to use this ACD/ChemSketch.

Then, we are required to do some sketch about Chemistry by using this software. As we are the science students, we know pretty much about Chemistry. Chemistry is a fun learning subject!

These are the pictures (print screen) that we have successfully sketch.

9.289Graph Of Energy Direction
9.495 Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

DNA *sorry for the BAD sketch.hee..

Apparatus Set Up

Graph of Energy Direction



This are only the basics by using the software. You can learn more and more by using this ChemSketch. It's awesome right? Now you don't have to worry when doing your Chemistry Assignment, by using this software, you can get a full mark and A's! YEAH!

You can download the ChemSketch for free at HERE and enjoy sketching! That's all from both of us, Fatimah and Nabilah, see you guys in the next entry! Salam :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introduction to the members of the blog :)


Today., we proudly to introduce our group members :)

me., Fatimah

NameFatimah Binti Mohamad
Date Of Birth 17th February 1992
Place Of Birth Kangar, Perlis
Ambition Finance Planner
Hobbies Reading
Motto Its Not EASY to be EASY, Its Not HARD to be HARD
About MeI'm not a PERFECT person but I'm trying my BEST to be the PERFECT person

Me at the left :D

NameNabilah Husna Binti Bahari
Date Of Birth 15th August 1992
Place Of BirthKuala Lumpur
Ambition Math Genius
Hobbies Reading, surf the internet, listening to the music and collecting chocs wrap
Motto "Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity"- Kahlil Gibran
About MeSimple but weird :D